Making The Perfect Michelada – Check This Easy Concoction!


Mexico is famed for its love for food and beverages. People here love their drinks and cocktails, and undoubtedly, one of the most popular choices is a michelada, also called a chelada. This is a classic beer cocktail that has been around for decades, and it uses a mix of chilled beer with spice mix and lime juice.  There are many legends on how this classic spiced beer came into existence, but one thing can be said for sure – Michelada is fun and allows beer lovers to have a unique take on their favorite brand beer. The good news is you can buy michelada mix and merch online and offline, and making this spiced beer at home is not hard at all. In this post, we are discussing more on how you can try the perfect michelada.

Ingredients at a glance

Michelada requires few basic ingredients. Of course, you need beer, and it is okay to choose a brand you like. The beer should be as chilled as possible. Besides that, you also need lime juice, salt and a chelada mix. There are all sorts of michelada mixes in the market, and some brands have their own secret spice mixes, so experimentation is the key here. You also need beer mugs – chilled to perfection.

Making your michelada

It is always better to use a cold mug for micheladas, but if you don’t have one handy right away, you can consider using ice. Next, you need to rub salt on the rim of the glass. Use some lime juice to allow the salt to stick on. Some people prefer the idea of using spice on the rim, as well. Next, you have to squeeze in some lime juice in the mug with the michelada mix of your choice. The recommended use of michelada mix per drink depends on the brand and spices used, so we recommend that you check that aspect in detail. Now, add your chilled beer and serve your michelada cold and chilled.

In conclusion

As you may have guessed by now, making a michelada doesn’t have to be complicated. Check online for a brand that makes the best michelada mix and don’t shy away from trying new mixes. It’s the right balance between the ingredients and the use of michelada spice mix that make a difference to the final taste. Check online now to find more michelada merch and mixes.