Fine Dining in Asia: The Rise of the Asian Master Chefs


For decades, Europe, and later North America, have dominated the world’s fine dining restaurant industry.

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The birthplace of some of the world’s finest cuisine and dining experiences is undoubtedly France, with classic provincial recipes from the countryside reaching the bistros of Paris, fusing some of the best ingredients and cooking styles with the high-quality service and the intimate setting that the French capital become famous for.

Over the 20th century, this dining style, as well as the cuisine, began to permeate the rest of France and throughout Europe, creating huge competition amongst European chefs and restauranteurs to become world-renowned for the dining experience and menu they provide. This high standard of style, service, and cuisine soon spilled over into North America; with New York getting its first Michelin guide in 2005 and 31 restaurants getting the first Michelin stars in the United States of America.

Now the fashion for fine dining is found in every city in the world, and restaurants in Asia are quickly setting the standards; wowing reviewers with their attention to detail and a wide range of unique dishes and cuisine styles that mix the East and West on your palate.

Here we are going to look at three of the best Asian countries to visit for the latest and greatest fine dining experiences, as well as some of the world’s best street food.

Jet to Japan for Some of the Finest Foods on the Planet

The finest sushi restaurants in Tokyo and Yokohama were among the first restaurants in Asia to burst onto the world’s fine dining scene. But Japan is about so much more than sushi.

Now people travel from all over the world to sample some of Japan’s unique dining experiences and their takes on classic Western and European dishes, as well as their Noodle stands.

Travel to Thailand for the Latest Fine Dining Experiences

The country of Thailand has long been a top destination for backpackers and globetrotters, but now the country has become a must-visit destination for international foodies.

There are now a number of Michelin star restaurants Bangkok catering to travelers that want a unique fine dining experience, serving some of the best food in the world in one of the planets most vibrant cities.

Let Hong Kong be Your Gateway to the Best in Chinese Cuisine

Hong Kong has long been a place where East met West, and its colonial legacy has made it one of the best places in the world to find fine dining fusion restaurants.

The food traditional to Hong Kong has also seen a renaissance of late, with fine dining Cantonese restaurants cropping up across the city to feed hungry travelers.

The Asian continent has seen a massive boom in every sector, and its restaurants are no different. Just as we have seen many Asian countries become powerhouses of technology and finance, their restaurant industry has become a big player in the global scene of fine dining with thousands of foodies traveling to Asia every year to see what the fuss about.