Choosing a Location for Your Restaurant


If you want to start a restaurant, location is everything. It is impossible for your restaurant business to flourish unless it is in the right location. A good location can be more difficult to find than you think especially if you are not patient.

While it is good to find a location with high traffic, a highly populated pedestrian street may not always be the right choice. Having the right location may not be the sole determinant of your restaurant’s success but it is very important. The following are a few things to consider when choosing a location for your business.

Know Your Neighbours

A good location may be wrong if it is close to the wrong people. Consider the other businesses in your neighbourhood and how they may affect your business. If there are plenty of other restaurant businesses in the area, it may not be right. Set up your restaurant in a location with lots of successful but unrelated businesses.


No one likes to walk a long distance just to get to your restaurant. If there isn’t enough parking space, people are unlikely to come to your business. Parking is important especially if your location is out of town and far from public transport.


The location of your restaurant should be safe. A safe neighbourhood will give customers the confidence to come to your business, it will also ensure that your business property is safe. It should have fire alarms, handicap-accessible doors, and other safety features.

History of the Location

Some locations have a history of failing. Even though you may know exactly how to fix the problem, potential customers may have a bad impression about it. Set up your restaurant in spaces that are known to do well.

Size Isn’t Everything

Even though the size is important when setting up your restaurant business, it does not really matter. If you find a good location, take it even if it is smaller than you expected. It is possible for a little coffee shop to do much better than a large restaurant. Just ensure that you have enough space for dining, and food preparation.

Take Your Time

Do not be impulsive when looking for a location for your business. Even though you may find a space that seems great on your first try, do not settle for it. Visit different locations and weigh your options before making your choice. Visit different sites on different days of the week and see how busy they are at night and during the day.

Consider Visibility

If people cannot see your restaurant, they can’t visit it. Set up your restaurant close to areas with a high foot or car traffic. Visibility is the cheapest form of advertising. It is a constant reminder that your restaurant is open.

Even though visibility is important, there are lots of other things to consider for the success of your business. Dawnvale Group is one of the companies that may help you design your restaurant for functionality and profits.