Best Minneapolis Warehouse District Restaurants To Know About


If you are a foodie, then mostly Pizzas should definitely take a predominant spot in your favorite food list. At times, we would feel like taking a break and having a bite of the best available Pizza in town. Though there are plenty of Pizza outlets out there, not all of them turns out to offer for best kind and variety of pizza that is tasty, fulfilling and has good flavor to support. If you are looking to get the best and most delicious pizza delivered to your house in the Minneapolis area then Dulono’s Pizza should be your ultimate choice.

Wide range of pizzas and food varieties

Apart from offering different flavors and tastes of Pizza, Dulono’s Pizza is also known to offer for hoagies, burgers, salad, chicken wings and pasta for one and all. It is the most popular and most sought after amongst the Minneapolis warehouse district restaurants and has carved out a name for itself in this arena with its exemplary menu and food varieties.

Dulono’s Pizza & Bar is a hot favorite amongst the locals that was established in the year 1957. It is named one of the top 10 best pizza joints in the Twin Cities and is definitely the best of the lot as far as local go-to pizza restaurant and delivery standards are concerned.

Order online

Dulono’s Pizza also comes with the easiest and interesting option of making pizza orders online. You can now order from Dulono’s new and improved menu online and the best part is that you are guaranteed with a fast and fresh pizza delivery. You can also make your order in person and eat there.

Of late, Dulono has added a plenty of different spices, flavors and varieties to pizza and you can very well explore these from the famous local shop. Apart from that they are also known to serve the top of the class burgers, wings, fried chickens and much more. It is definitely a worthy place to get the best and fresh pizza in different flavors that too in a quick manner. It is also absolutely convenient and easy to access no matter where you are in the Minneapolis region.

The best part is that Dulono’s Pizza & Bar in Minneapolis is known to offer for the best daily happy hour on drinks and appetizers so go for it and have the most fulfilling experience out of all.