8 Simple Tips For Designing An Impressive Restaurant Website!


Promoting your local restaurant doesn’t have to be about traditional marketing techniques anymore. With easy access to the internet, you should consider having a website that defines the restaurant and gives potential customers a fair idea of what to expect on a typical day. Almost every other restaurant or diner has a website these days, so how can you make a different with your website? Once you are ready to how to create a website, here are the 10 tips you need to follow.

  • Make it a virtual experience of your restaurant. You have to maintain a brand image for your restaurant, and for that, the website must replicate what the place offers in real life. Use the logo and color scheme accordingly.
  • Consider all kinds of customers. Your restaurant website will be checked by people who are regulars and also by those who are new in the city. Ensure that the website is elaborate for everyone.
  • Don’t overcomplicate the theme. Most restaurateurs believe that expensive themes are the best, but for restaurant and food blogs, you want something simple, so that the focus remains on the food and offerings.
  • Make the menu descriptive. The purpose of a restaurant website is to provide information, and you may want the menu to be as descriptive as possible. Add a small line or two for each item.
  • The website should be social-media friendly. If you are using WordPress, ensuring social presence of your website is easy with plug-ins. The idea is to ensure that people can share things from the site on social media.

  • Add real photos. Almost every other diner and restaurant have common items on the menu, so using stock photos for your website is a bad idea. Make sure that you are using real photos that feel authentic.
  • Show the human side. Having a page that talks of the history of the restaurant, and why it is a fine place to dine, is good idea. The older vintage restaurants make money for the human story alone.
  • Check on SEO. When your on-page SEO elements are in place, it just helps in promoting your restaurant website. WordPress has paid plug-ins, but at the basic level, you can consider Yoast. SEO doesn’t add visual appeal, but ensures that your website remain findable.

As you may have guessed, designing a restaurant website is more about person, and you can do it on your own if you follow the tips above.