5 Pizza and Beer Pairings You Should Try Now


Italian dishes are loved and widely-accepted all over the world. Many people from various countries even decided to add their own touch to traditional dishes from Italy. Because of its renown, many cities like Melbourne already have different restaurants serving various types of food. You can choose different Italian foods in Victoria.

Many Italian dishes go well with other foods and different beverages. But if you wish to strip it down to the simplest options, pizza is your best bet. And if you’re thinking of the best partner, the best choice of beverage will be beer

Cheese Pizza + Wheat Ale

The classic all-time favorite cheese pizza is the most versatile and most well-known out of the bunch. The pie can use one type of cheese. Or it can also have loads of different cheese types, like what many pizza-lovers prefer. In order for the flavors to really shine, this needs to be best paired with light beers or wheat ales that won’t take away the flavor of the pie. Beers with less hop flavor will suit cheese pizzas better.

Margherita Pizza + Pale Ale

Margherita pizzas are simple. But it’s also unique in a way the tomatoes and the mozzarella flavors are combined together. The acidity of tomatoes can’t even be felt if you pair it with pale ale. The malt flavor goes well with the tomato and it’s also something that highlights the cheese flavor properly. These two compliments each other the best.

Hawaiian Pizza + Fruity Ale

The Hawaiian pizza that caused quite a stir in many communities and started the debate of whether or not it’s right to have pineapple on pizza. The very cause of the debate is what brings out the exotic flavor of this pie. This flavor is further enhanced by fruity ales. On top of the fact that this complements every element for pizzas, this also balances the saltiness of the ham.

Pepperoni Pizza + Indian Pale

For meat lovers, pepperoni pizza is the best choice. And for this type of pizza, Indian Pale Ale is the most suitable partner. Compared to other types of pale ales, Indian makes use of more hops. And because it has a stronger flavor and provides more kick compared to other pale ales, it easily counters the saltiness of the meat.

Mushroom and Spinach Pizza + Chocolate Stout

Many would agree that the spinach and mushroom combination is one of the best things to ever happen to pizza. But what makes it even better is when the pizza is paired with chocolate stouts. For this pie, either milk or chocolate stouts work. Because it’s sweeter, it adds a different layer of flavor to the current blend of mushrooms and spinach.

The next time you decide on Italian foods in Victoria or if you ever visit Melbourne, try the pizza and beer combo instead of the cliche wine and cheese. You’ll be surprised at the flavors and the overall dining experience you’ll have on the trip. There are numerous Italian restaurants in the city that you won’t go wrong with this choice. When in doubt, the world’s famous Italian dish paired with a well-loved beverage is always a safe and delicious choice.