3 Healthy and quick kheer variations for growing kids


A chilled bowl of kheer on a hot summer evening is probably the perfect end to a day. Kheer is one of the most nostalgic sweet dishes out there, that has been a part of every person’s childhood in India. It still is one of the most awaited dishes which you can dive into after lunch or dinner.

Did you know there are around 128 types of kheer that one can make easily at home?

Well, some of the variations are given below:

  1. Badam Kheer Recipe: Almonds are essential for growing kids because they are extremely rich in nutrients. So, making a badam kheer is probably the healthiest and most nutritious dessert for a growing child.


  1. 1 tin (400 gms) Nestlé MILKMAID
  2. 1 litre Nestlé a+ Nourish Milk
  3. 50 gms Kaju
  4. ¼ tsp Almond Essence
  5. 50 gms Badam


  1. Take blanched almonds and remove the skin. Then, take 2 cups of hot milk and soak them with cashew nuts for 30 minutes. Grind it to make a paste.
  2. Take the remaining milk and boil it. Add Nestlé MILKMAID and the almond-cashew nuts paste to cook for 5 minutes and stir constantly.
  3. Remove it, garnish it with almond essence and serve hot or cold.

  1. Makhana Kheer Recipe: A speciality in North India, Makhana Kheer is devoured on Navratri, but a dessert so delicious can be served anytime, anywhere. It is light, and easy to make and uses minimal ingredients.


  1. ½ tin (200 gms) Nestlé MILKMAID
  2. 1 tbsp Nestlé Everyday Ghee
  3. 6 cups Nestlé a+ Nourish Milk
  4. 3 cups (30 gms) Makhana
  5. ½ tsp Elaichi Powder
  6. ½ cup (30 gms) Grated Coconut
  7. 8-10 Kishmish
  8. 5 Chopped Badam


  1. Take ghee in a pan and fry and crush the Makhana coarsely. Then, mix this and milk and simmer it on a low flame for 10 mins. Add grated coconut to it and continue cooking while stirring.
  2. Once the mix is creamy and thick, add Nestlé MILKMAID and cook for 5 mins.
  3. Turn off the flame, add cardamom powder and serve it hot or cold with almonds and raisins garnishing.

  1. Rice Kheer Recipe: Probably one of the most common and loved is this type of kheer. It is one that is made in almost all households of India. It is full of nutrients that are necessary for growing kids.


  1. 1 tin (400 gms) Nestlé MILKMAID
  2. 1 litre Nestlé a+ Nourish Milk
  3. 50 gms Rice
  4. Elaichi Powder
  5. Chopped Mixed Dried Fruits


  1. Take washed rice and milk to cook in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes until the rice is soft.
  2. Then, add the Nestlé MILKMAID and cook it for 5 to 7 minutes and keep stirring it in between, till the kheer is of the desired consistency.
  3. Turn off the flame, remove the kheer from it and garnish this super-delicious kheer with nuts and elaichi powder. You may serve it hot or cold as per your preference.

These are some healthy variations to the typical kheer that is still an all-time favorite. Try these out at home and see which one is your kid’s favorite!